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World Water Day

The Time is Here for World Water Day

Change comes from education, conversation, and awareness. This is in part why the United Nations established World Water Day in 1993. World Water Day is observed annually on March 22 and is intended to draw attention to issues surrounding a startling lack of fresh water in numerous locations around the world.

Every year World Water Day has a theme. In 2017 the theme is “Wastewater”. Determining effective ways to treat wastewater is important because it can help create a more accessible supply of water. Waste treatment methodology can also help remove impurities and disease from water, reducing the negative impact on health.

While this is a global crisis, much of the solution begins with you, the homeowner and your own practices in water conservation.

Cut Down on Your Water Use

water-dropReducing your own water footprint can improve levels of water availability. It’s about adopting good habits that literally reduce your water use at every opportunity.
Make sure that your washing machine and dishwasher are EnergyStar rated. This means that they will consume less water. Never run the dishwasher or washing machine unless they are full.

Did you know that about two and a half gallons come out of your faucet every minute? That’s reason enough to turn it off when you are brushing your teeth. Instead of rinsing out your razor under the stream of the faucet, fill an inch in your sink and rinse it there.
Only water your lawn if you have too. Use a watering can instead of a hose to water the garden. Place mulch around your plants in your garden, which will help them retain moisture. Instead of washing your car yourself, take it to a local carwash that recycles water.

Fill a water jug and leave it in the fridge. Not only do you have cold water when you need it, but you also don’t have to leave the tap running while you wait for it to cool down.

The Water Crisis at Hand

The implications of the water crisis are far-reaching. UN data shows that 786 million people don’t have access to fresh water, which means that they are vulnerable to waterborne illnesses. What’s more, is that there is likely not enough water flowing to move sewage, so another host of illnesses are created. Additionally, a lack of water threatens the viability of villages and local economies, because it impacts commerce, agriculture and creates a cycle of poverty that is hard to break.

wasting-waterA dripping faucet may not seem like a big deal, but when adding those drips up, it’s a lot of water. Take care of leaky faucets straight away. Install an aerator to prevent leaks.
It’s well worth your while to install low-flow showerheads and toilets. They seriously reduce the amount of water that you use simply and effectively.

Check to see if your toilets are leaking. A leaky toilet on average wastes about 200 gallons a day. To check for a leak, drop food coloring into your toilet tank. Wait for about 15 minutes. If the color leaks into the toilet bowl, call your plumber to repair the leak.

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