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What are the Most Common Causes of Water Leaks?

Water leaks in the home can be a slow and silent killer. They're often difficult to detect, and visible signs of water damage may present themselves long after leaks begin. This could lead to structural damage, which could result in expensive repairs while increasing your water consumption and utility costs.

Plumbers in Virginia Beach, VA offer water leak detection service, which may stop the damage in its tracks, but how can you stop a leak before it starts? It's important to understand the root problem before taking preventive measures. Here are some of the most common causes of water leaks.

Excess Water Pressure

waterpressureHigh water pressure can feel nice and improve the efficiency of washing and bathing, but too much water pressure is actually a bad thing.

Excessive pressure can add strain to your pipes, which causes them to wear down more quickly. Faucets and fixtures are also designed to withstand only a certain amount of pressure.

Any more can lead to leaks throughout your plumbing. If you think there's too much water pressure, contact a professional to have it examined.

Corrosion and Rust

corrosionrustCorrosion of your water pipes, including rust, can eat away at the materials. If you notice any warping or discoloration of the pipes, it may be a good idea to call for an inspection.

The joints where different pipes connect are particularly at risk since they're the weakest part of your plumbing.

Rust can impact water quality and also lead to buildups, which can increase the rate at which pipes become clogged and cause all sorts of damage.

Older PipesOlder Pipes

The older your water pipes, the more likely they're worn down and weakened from years of heavy use.

In addition, as more time passes there will be an increased amount of sediment buildup within.

This can result in clogs, which raises water pressure and the likelihood of a leak.

Water Quality

waterqualityIf you run clean water through your pipes, your plumbing is more likely to remain clean as well. It may also increase the life expectancy of your plumbing appliances.

Hard water, in particular, can leave behind mineral residue, which accumulates in your pipes and every water fixture. The presence of rust can also contribute to this. Consider installing a water filtration system or water softener for your home.

There are many causes of water leaks, and the price homeowners pay to fix them can be high. If you're at all concerned about your home's water pressure, the state of your water pipes or the quality of water running through your plumbing, we recommend contacting a professional right away. Every problem has a solution. Don't get caught paying for damage you didn't see coming.