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You Must Have a Permit for Any Plumbing Remodel

Do You Need a Permit to Replace a Toilet

If you were to ask your neighbors whether they obtained permits for their most recent kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling, chances are most of them would say no. However, just because many homeowners don't realize they need permits for specific plumbing work (or refuse to get them anyway) doesn't mean you should follow suit.

The reality is that most plumbing work you might want to do in your house, with the exception of ordinary jobs like replacing a toilet, will require a permit. And there are many good reasons why you shouldn't be like your neighbors when you take on your next plumbing project.

Virginia Beach, VA Professionals Will All Encourage a Permit

If you were to ask any plumbing experts here in Virginia Beach whether they recommend their clients get permits when required, the answer would be a resounding yes! That is their response because plumbing professionals know the benefits of permits, including that they guarantee:

  • Quality work and quality materials through inspections.
  • Poor work won't negatively impact home valuations.
  • Homeowners will be satisfied with the work completed.
  • Future work will be permitted if you want to continue your project down the road.
  • Insurance will cover all the work performed.
  • Potential buyers won’t have problems with the work.

Permits Protect Your Home and Family

“safetystandards”There's a great deal that can go wrong during a plumbing project, especially a DIY one. In fact, the major reason plumbing permits are required is to ensure that these mistakes don't get made.

This is because they can have serious consequences for you and your family. For example, if the wrong materials are used, then you could end up facing major repairs to fix problems that shouldn't have happened.

Worse yet, if the work isn't completed correctly, your family could get sick from things like mold or sewage in the house. Another potential problem is that somebody gets hurt because of the work that’s been performed and you're held liable. But when plumbing work is done under a permit, an inspector will verify that all the work has been completed according to codes and safety standards that are designed to prevent these problems.

Ignoring a Permit Could Land You with a Fine

“penaltyfine”Because permits are so essential to obtain, it's not uncommon for cities or counties to issue fines to homeowners who fail to get the right paperwork.

On top of a hefty monetary penalty, you might also be forced to halt work on your project, and you might even have to make expensive repairs before you can continue working.

Not getting a permit when you need one can leave you open to mistakes, shoddy construction, dangerous situations, and even fines, and there's no good reason why you shouldn't obtain the permits you need if you're going to be doing some plumbing work in your house.

Along with protecting you from subpar work and ensuring the job is to code, getting a permit will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you've done the work right and that you did everything possible to ensure the success of your renovation.