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Kitchen Countertop

How a Sink is Set into Kitchen Granite Countertops

Homeowners spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Adding new features can make the time spent there that much more enjoyable. Installing new kitchen plumbing is a task a homeowner must be prepared for.

Having the right tools, measuring correctly, and correctly installing the plumbing are all important jobs. Learn how to set a sink into a kitchen countertop and continue to enjoy the most frequently used area in your home.

Measure the Countertop Correctly Within the Available Space

“rightmeasurement”The sink you choose should fit into the granite with enough workspace around it and underneath. Tape the sink tracer to the place you decided your basin will go, then be ready to cut.

For cutting the granite, use a circular saw with a diamond blade. This tool is ideal for both cutting and shaping the granite. Be sure the hole sits on top of a cupboard allowing enough space for the kitchen plumbing below.

Setting Your Desired Sink into Stone

“matchingsink”The sink you decide on has to match the amount of counter space you will have available. Once the hole for the basin has been made, flip the granite over.

Wet a cloth with denatured alcohol and wipe both the sink rim and the hole in the stone. Then place the sink over the opening for tracing.

Once the sink has been traced underneath, you can apply the caulking to the line drawn. Set the sink directly over the hole, sealing it to the granite with the caulking. Finally, screw the sink in place with the metal clips that came with the sink. Flip the counter back over and install it.

Hire a Plumbing Professional for Installation

“callaplumber”When completing such an important task, it is always best to go with professional installation. Plumbers understand your kitchen plumbing and are experienced, exact, and efficient.

They also know how to meet Virginia Beach, VA building code requirements, and acquire the necessary permits where applicable. Your kitchen is one of the higher traffic areas of your home, and one of the first things the company sees when they walk in.

Make it perfect by calling a professional plumber for your installation. You shopped until you found the right materials. You were precise in your measurement and installation, and now you can reap the rewards. Stand back and admire your new kitchen sink and countertop. You worked hard for it, now enjoy it.