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Toilet Won't Flush

When the Toilet Won't Flush, Follow these Steps

Your bathroom plumbing is the kind of thing that you probably don’t give a moment’s thought to until it isn’t working and then it is a major problem. We know at Performance Plumbing, Inc., that when your toilet doesn’t flush, stress levels rise. Look for these few common problems that toilets encounter, check the flapper to see if it's stuck, use a large bowl of water to pour down your toilet and if all else fails, call an expert plumber.

Rather than panicking, stay calm and realize that you can probably solve this common household problem in a few easy steps. Even the most inexperienced DIY homeowner can take this on and be successful.

Are you ready to get your toilet to flush again? Here is what you need to do.

Check out the Flapper

“tankflapper”The flapper plays an important role in your toilet, as it is what regulates the water flow in and out of your toilet bowl when you flush.

If the flapper is broken or warped (which does happen often as it ages) it won’t open and close properly, which means that water flow in and out of the toilet bowl isn’t regulated.

Fear not. You can fix this bathroom plumbing problem! Head to the hardware store and get yourself a new flapper. Pop the lid off of the toilet tank and drain it. Take the broken flapper out and replace it with a new one. Your toilet should flush now.

Use a Bowl for Flushing

bucket of waterHere is a trick to try. Fill a bowl (make it a large one as you’ll need about a gallon of water for the toilet to flush). If you want to be environmentally friendly, this is a great opportunity to reuse water that you’ve collected in a rain barrel or used previously for cooking.

Pour the water into the toilet bowl and watch as the curved shape of the toilet bowl and the pressure from the water flushes the contents of the bowl away. It’s magic (well not really. It’s more like gravity).

Getting Help With a Clog

“callaprofessional”The reason that your toilet isn’t flushing is that it is clogged, then it might be time to seek help from the professionals.

For a small clog, you can probably manage yourself with a plunger. However, anything bigger than that and you will need some heavy-duty tools. Your plumber can usually get a clog gone with a plumbing snake and precision work.

For tougher clogs that are deeper in the pipes, you need to use hydro-jetting technology. This is one issue that you can avoid by being careful. Don’t let items into the toilet that don’t belong there like food scraps, paper towels or sanitary napkins.

You can always count on us on Virginia Beach, VA for help with all of your bathroom plumbing. Contact us today!