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Emergency Plumbing Problems

Emergency Plumbing Problems Everyone Should Know

It’s not the most glamorous or visible part of your home life. In fact, when it’s built well, it’s invisible and unnoticed. But working, reliable indoor plumbing is one of the great miracles of modern, 21st century American home life.

The ability to have easy access to hot, cold, clean, safe, potable water on demand is a cornerstone of the first world lifestyle. That’s why when things go wrong with the plumbing, it can turn into a serious plumbing emergency.

Imagine a home with no working toilets. Or water that’s not hot, or safe to drink. Your home plumbing is built to resist these breakdowns, but that’s no guarantee they won’t happen. That’s why you should always keep your eyes open for these possible issues.

Leaking Fixtures

Leaking FixturesA leaking fixture can be the faucet in the kitchen or even the showerhead in your bathroom. Fortunately, in the majority of instances, a leaking faucet, while annoying, is not a serious threat to your home.

It can still cost you a bit on your water bill, as that’s a trickle of lost water you still get billed for. When you notice a leak, most of the time you can fix it yourself with a bit of effort, a few minutes of time, and the right tools and parts.

A wrench to get access to the innards of a fixture is all you need, then swap either the washer or the O-ring, since these easily replaceable parts are usually the cause. If a leak persists, try calling an expert.

Drains That Are Blocked

Blocked DrainsA blocked drain is usually going to give you plenty of advanced warning that it’s about to stop draining the water completely. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice well ahead of time that you’ve got a slow drain that’s taking longer than usual to empty out.

Depending on where the blockage is, you may have a single drain that no longer empties out water, or it may be an entire floor, which means the problem lies somewhere along the main drainage pipe. If the source is closer to the sink itself, mechanical solutions like plungers of plumbing snakes are extremely effective. Be careful with drain cleaners; these chemicals can damage pipes if used incorrectly!

Overflowing ToiletToilet Overflow

This is pretty much the same as a blocked drain, but with higher health risks.

Human waste is full of contagions that are infectious through exposure or physical contact, so a blocked toilet overflowing back into the house is a definite hazard.

Be careful when cleaning the mess, and try the same solutions as with a blocked drain. If that doesn’t work, bring in the pros.

Burst Pipes

Burst PipeThere are two types of pipes that can burst. Your water pipes, if they burst, can subject the area within the burst—such as a wall or ceiling—to water damage due to constant exposure.

If the burst occurs within a drainage pipe, depending on where the break is, you may be flooding your home with a used tap, laundry or even toilet water.

This can be a big health risk and damage your property. In this instance, always get a professional to locate the break and assess the scope of the work.

In some cases, your home in Virginia Beach, VA will have a plumbing emergency that can be handled by you if you remain calm, get the right tools and use the right methodology. In other situations, however, the emergency may be serious enough to warrant a professional response. Always make the right choice.