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Don’t Let Your Plumbing Give You a Valentine’s Day “Surprise!”

What does Valentine's Day make you think of most? Some think it's a day of cheap chocolate, wilting flowers, and a card with a picture of a train that says, "I choo choo choose you!"

For many others, it's the perfect time to try a fancy new restaurant, maybe eat fondue and drink red wine. The more adventurous might go ice skating, or take a special trip to rock climb.

But perhaps for you, it's the moment you've decided to take your relationship to the next level and ask that special someone to move in with you. Before you do, you should take time to consider how the strain of another person in the house will affect your plumbing.

Fall in Love With Your Bathroom Plumbing!

bathroomplumbingWhen that special someone moves in with you, a lot of things in your life will increase. You’ll double the amount of time you spend laughing together.

You’ll have more meals together, and more walks through the neighborhood at night. And, you share so much in common, too.

You complete the other’s sentences and share inside jokes about the television shows you watch together. Sometimes you feel you even share the same dreams.

Among all these things you share in common, using the toilet rarely makes the list. Many people don’t stop to consider their bathroom plumbing when they decide to share their home. But it’s a fact that more people mean a greater chance of clogging the toilet.

Don’t Let a Shower Clog Spoil The Romance

showerclogBut it doesn’t end there. Your bathroom plumbing puts up with a lot of abuse from just you. Even the most careful person occasionally puts some grease down the drain.

Even soap can combine with minerals in the water and block up your pipes. Then there’s food waste, mineral build-up, and even small objects find their way into your pipes and cause you problems.

Adding another person into your household creates a whole new set of issues. Every day in the shower, we shed dried skin, dirt, oil, and a lot of hair. All that stuff can clump together creating a pretty nasty shower clog.

Let a Professional Plumber Help Keep Your Romance Alive

proplumberAfter learning about all these plumbing issues caused by living with another person, you might be tempted to call the whole thing off! Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need all the extra stress that living with another person can bring.

But don’t be so hasty. The situation is far from hopeless. With the help of a professional plumber, you can keep your bathroom plumbing in tip-top shape for years to come. We will always be there for you through thick and through thin.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s just you, or if you add one, two, or more people to your household! We will always be there with the service you need! All of us at Performance Plumbing wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! Makes sure to share all the plumbing tips you just learned with your special someone!