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Biting The Dust

Is Your Water Quality Biting The Dust?

Do you love looking for music to listen to? The great thing about the Internet is that it offers you a lot of great music to listen, anytime that you want. Now that it’s springtime, it’s the perfect time to open up your windows and let the music fill the air.

Another thing that comes with spring is a lot of dust. Unfortunately, things like dust and pollen get blown into your house through your windows and doors. Dust is rather annoying in the air, but it’s even more annoying when it gets into your water.

Read on to find out more about hard water, what it can do to your home's plumbing, and what you can do about it.

What is Hard Water Made Of?

hardwaterWater is considered to be hard when it has a lot of magnesium and calcium in it. Sometimes, depending on the area you live in, other things like dust and lime can contribute to water being hard too.

Hard water often occurs naturally in the conditions where it seeped and dissolved the ions. Over time, this hard water can build up in your plumbing, leaving mineral deposits that can deteriorate your pipes, lead to water leaks, and in the worst case scenario, force your home to deal with a plumbing emergency.

How do Water Softeners Work?

cleanwaterHouseholds dealing with hard water need to install a water softener to fight the potential problems. The parts in the appliance helps to soften the water and filter the chemicals, providing you with a usable source of clean water that won’t damage your home in the process.

Water softeners remove hard minerals by the addition of sodium, and this reduces the backlog of deposits. During the process, the sodium on the resin beads gets exchanged for the minerals. The ions are drawn to the brine tank and flushed from the drain. After some hours, the beads are rinsed to enable them to attract and collect more minerals.

Water Softener Cost

watersoftenercostYou might think it’s too expensive to install a water softener system, but adding the setup to your plumbing system means a lot of value to your home. The treatment helps to preserve the water line damage, among other plumbing repair issues.

In the long run, you have reduced the costs of having to repair damaged parts. Secondly, when you invest in this equipment, you have added health benefits. Yes, everyone uses water to shower or wash, and the effect of hard water goes to the skin. The treated water leaves your skin and hair smooth and softer.

A lot of people enjoy listening to Queen while they’re doing chores around the house, but you never want “Another One Bites the Dust,” to become a relatable anthem for your hard water issues. So, combat the dust problems in your water using water softeners. You can contact Performance Plumbing for further advice on the best types for your home. Call us at (757) 300-0212 today and schedule your appointment today!