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A ceiling with water marks and peeling paint from a plumbing leak

Signs There's a Plumbing Leak Present

Ways to Tell if Your House Has a Plumbing Problem Present

If you’ve ever encountered a plumbing issue in your home, you know that there is worse than having a leak on your hands — especially when you can’t detect the initial source at first glance. Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for that proclaim you should call a plumber immediately.

Water Damage

If you happen to see water marks or bubbles on a nearby ceiling or wall, that can indicate that you have a plumbing problem on your hands. While this is often due to a leaking pipe, sometimes a roof that needs to be repaired may cause those seemingly random water spots on the ceiling.

Continuously Running Water Meter

A water meter that continuously runs is not a good thing — especially if you know that no one in your home is using water. To indicate whether or not you have a hidden plumbing leak present, walk around your home and make sure that anything that uses H2O is shut off. Once complete, go to your water meter and recheck it. If it’s still running, you have a leak present.

Higher H2O Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your home’s water bills out of nowhere? If so, that can indicate that there’s a plumbing problem somewhere in your house or outside of it. The EPA states that 90 gallons of water are wasted, per day, by ten percent of households with a leak present.

The minute you feel that there may be a lingering leak, call your plumber right away to get to the root of the problem and stop it in its tracks.

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