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What To Do If I Clog Someone's Toilet

What To Do If A Toilet Clogs

We’ve all been there. When duty calls, you’ve gotta go! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of game night with your friends or on a special date. But what do you do when the short bathroom break turns into a plumbing emergency? Clogged toilets are regular occurrences and nothing to be ashamed of unless it happens in someone else’s house. Your friends are wondering what’s taking so long and you’re just praying to the toilet gods that water doesn’t start overflowing out of the bathroom. Nothing rivals this embarrassing moment unless you’re Ross Geller who couldn’t get his leather pants back up while on a date. The experts at Performance Plumbing are here to help you get out of this awkward situation. Just follow these steps to unclog a toilet.

1. Don’t panic and don’t flush

Your attempts to flush away the messy situation are futile and might make everything worse. You already know it’s clogged and you don’t want to risk overflowing the bowl.

2. Grab the plunger

The first thing you’ll want to do is find the plunger, typically located under the sink or behind the toilet. In this moment, that plunger is your best friend and will be your best chance at getting out of this unscathed. Follow these steps:

  • Submerge the plunger into the bowl and make sure it covers the drain opening completely.

  • You should feel it suction to the bowl.

  • Start pushing and pulling on the handle in a thrusting motion without breaking the seal for 20 seconds. This will push out whatever is blocking the drain.

  • Once you’re sure the clog is gone, make sure the toilet works with a test flush.

3. Clean up your mess

The final step in this ordeal is to leave the bathroom the way you found it, or cleaner. Wipe up any water that may have splashed out during your plunging episode and wash your hands thoroughly.

What if the toilet is still clogged?

We’ve helped you as much as we could, but now you’re going to have to come clean. The host may have another solution such as a drain snake that can handle more stubborn jobs. If you are looking for expert clog removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Performance Plumbing! We have over 18 years of conquering all sorts of plumbing problems and can help you too. Just contact us online or call us at (757) 300-0212!