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Hydrojetting: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Does My Drain Keep Clogging?

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they may experience a clogged drain. Whether it be located in the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s usually something that pops up unexpectedly and can go away with a plumbing professional's assistance.

However, if you happen to notice that there’s a particular drain in your humble abode that clogs regularly (presumably, due to misuse of the drain), it may be beneficial to schedule a hydrojetting session with our team — but what is hydrojetting in the first place?

A Study Guide on Hydrojetting

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a new, cutting-edge plumbing service that can only be performed by a professional plumber — it’s not a tool you can stumble upon at your local home improvement store. Using a high-pressure jet of water, that is up to 4,000 psi, this method scrapes the insides of the pipe and helps dislodge anything that may be clinging to the surface of it.

Why is Hydrojetting Beneficial?

First and foremost, hydrojetting helps clear a pesky plumbing pipe and restores it to like-new condition! Secondly, this service gets the job done without the use of harmful chemicals. Often, homeowners will resort to a “quick fix” and use a store-bought chemical drain cleaner to help clear the pipe. While this may seem harmless at first, it’s rather dangerous.

Chemical drain cleaners are filled to the brim with harmful additives that will eat away at not only what is causing the blockage but the pipe itself. When this happens, the chemical drain cleaner can corrode the pipe and eventually lead to a burst, causing irreversible water damage if not caught in time.

Why Else Should I Schedule a Hydrojetting Service?

If the drains in your home seem to be running pretty smoothly, but you’re looking to avoid a potential plumbing emergency down the line, hydrojetting is the solution!

To ensure that your living space is in the clear, scheduling a hydrojetting service is one of the best preventative plumbing practices since it will wipe the walls of a drainpipe clean — providing you with peace of mind and clean drains for the months to come.

Hydrojetting Services in Norfolk, VA

If you’re looking to schedule a hydrojetting service in your home, look no further than the pros at Performance Plumbing, Inc. to get the job done! With over 18 years of providing quality plumbing services, it’s no wonder why we’re Norfolk’s go-to plumber!

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