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When you have a seriously clogged drain in your home, it tends to bring all activity to a standstill. Having access to a professional drain cleaner at these times will help you solve the problem quickly and get your household up and running again. Performance Plumbing, Inc. is a drain cleaning company that has been operating in the Hampton area since 2001. We are family-owned and will come out to tackle your stubborn drain clogs at any time of the day or night. Don't hesitate to contact our Hampton drain cleaning services, day or night!

Clogged drains don’t need to be a source of misery in your home. Pick up the phone and call us today at (757) 300-0212 for complete drain cleaning services you can rely on.

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When to Call for a Professional Hampton Drain Cleaner

The signs of a clogged drain may not always be out there screaming at you, but even more subtle signs should be addressed before they become serious. Naturally, drains that are completely blocked and backed up need professional attention, but even slow-moving or sluggish drains will benefit from professional drain cleaning service. If your kitchen sink takes a while to empty or you see standing water in the tub after a shower, you are well on your way to a full-scale drain clog.

Another unpleasant sign of trouble in the drain is when you can detect foul odors coming from drains. These may be caused by:

  • Old food that has begun to rot
  • Cooking grease
  • Hair
  • Sewage water
  • Other assorted slime and buildup

Those smells are telling you your drain isn’t clearing properly and you should call for professional attention sooner rather than later.

How to Prevent Clogged Household Drains

Calling a professional Hampton drain cleaning company to fix your clogged drain makes a lot of sense, but you can also try to prevent those clogs from happening in the first place. Since most of the causes of clogged drains happen because of our own negligence, simply modifying your behaviors and educating your family about what can and can’t go down the drain should be a tremendous help.

Tree roots are a common cause of clogged drains, as they will naturally search for sources of water. They can actually crowd and then penetrate underground pipes and cause serious clogs inside your house. When planting new trees, take the time to find out where your underground water lines are to save you from issues later on.

There’s no reason to let a clogged drain ruin your day. Contact Performance Plumbing, Inc. at (757) 300-0212 and we’ll send one of our Hampton plumbers for reliable drain cleaning.

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