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Preventing Basement Flooding

Having a functioning sump pump in your home is crucial if your basement is prone to flooding during heavy rains. When you need expert sump pump repair or sump pump replacement, you need a reputable service provider like Performance Plumbing, Inc. to take control of the situation. We have been in business for more than 18 years, and our team of experts always delivers the results you need.

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What different kinds of sump pumps are there?

You may not realize it, but their are several types of different sump pumps to choose from. Each of these sump pumps offer a different type of perk to them. Having so many different options gives you the ability to choose which sump pump is best for you and your home. Call out sump pump services in Norfolk for expert advice on which model to choose.

  • Pedestal Sump Pump -
    A pedestal sump pump is a upright sump pump that includes a impeller at the base of the sump pump. The motor is located above the pump that isn't supposed to get wet. Pedestal sump pumps are inexpensive compared to submersible sump pumps. But they can tend to be noisier as well overheat easier.
  • Submersible Sump Pump -
    With a submersible sump pump, you need a sump pit as well. A this type of sump pump is meant to function underwater. While these types of pumps tend to be more expensive, they also have a longer lifespan and are much less noisy.
  • Battery Backup -
    With a battery backup sump pump, these are used in the case that their is a power outage and your primary sump pump loses power. Having this battery backup sump pump is also incredibly useful for if motor ever overheats.
  • Water Backup -
    Your sump pump is you first line of defense, having a water powered backup will help for if your power ever goes out. This sump pump is helpful against possibly flooding as it uses your home's water supply lines to help pump out water in the sump pit.

Don’t let a sump pump issue cause flooding and water damage in your basement. Contact our technicians at (757) 300-0212 to provide fast, effective sump pump repair or replacement.

Sump Pump

Common Sump Pump Issues

When you need sump pump repair service or a new sump pump installation, there are usually a handful of reasons that will get you to that point.

The sump pump won’t be able to do its job and will need some professional attention if:

  • It has ceased to perform
  • There is an issue with the electrical components
  • It is clogged with leaves and debris

Sometimes, if your sump pump is older, it will no longer cycle on when you need it to work, causing flooding in your basement.

Reasons to Call for Professional Help

The main reason you should call for professional sump pump service is if your pump is no longer cycling on when water fills the basin. During periods of heavy rain, you need your pump to be working at full capacity. To prevent floods in your basement, you should also call for regular maintenance, so your pump is always running well when you need it most.

Why Choose Our Team?

The experience of working with our Norfolk sump pump service teamgoes far beyond high-quality sump pump repair and installation in Norfolk. We also offer exceptional customer services, which is evident in our family-friendly ways, strong service guarantee, and around the clock service.

Call (757) 300-0212 for expert Norfolk sump pump services you can trust. We will come out to assess the situation and provide a quick solution.

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