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For the most part, we don’t really think all that much about our drains until something happens to one of them. Drains play a vital role in our day to day life: plumbing not only brings water where you need it, but then removes waste and carries it out to your sewer or septic system. Drains are what collect this waste and safely guide it to where it needs to go. However, drains do have one inherent and unavoidable problem: they will eventually clog over time. Whether it’s a stubborn hairball, a collection of food grease, or any other stubborn blockage, the team at Performance Plumbing, Inc. can get rid of the clog quickly and effectively so the problem disappears for good!

When it comes to clogs, Performance Plumbing, Inc. has handled both large and small. Since opening our doors in 2001, we’ve proudly become one of Norfolk’s most trusted names for plumbing services, including properly unclogging and cleaning drain lines to do away with pesky blockages. We use modern tools and the latest techniques to ensure that your drain lines are truly clean, and because we know you demand the best for your home. Every member of our Norfolk drain cleaning team has undergone extensive training to become the best they can be, and likewise each treats your home exactly like they would treat their own. It’s this above-and-beyond customer service that we believe sets us apart from the rest, and we even offer same-day availability and 24/7 emergency services so you can your urgent drain problems attended to right away!

Don’t let a drain clog stop you from enjoying a stress-free and fully-functioning home; call Performance Plumbing, Inc. at (757) 300-0212 today for a drain cleaning service that lasts!

How Our Drain Cleaning Works

Our drain cleaning services are simple, reliable, and incredibly effective. Here at Performance Plumbing, Inc., we use a number of different clog removal techniques, however many of the clogs located in drain lines will be cleared out using a process known as “jetting.” Jetting uses a high-pressure spray of water from a specialized tool to blast not only the clog itself but the walls of your plumbing line around it. Your plumber gains access to this through a drain access port located near your clog. Jetting is preferred not only because it obliterates nearly any type of clog, but also because it scrubs the other residue out of your drain line, even further reducing the chances that the clog returns.

Some great benefits of a jetting service include:

  • Plumbing safety: Jetting is safe for all types of plumbing, meaning no harmful chemicals or potential damage to your drain lines. Your drains will be clean, but not sustain any additional damage as a result.
  • Fast: Jetting eliminates a problem quickly, meaning the clog is gone and you’re back to life as usual as quickly as possible.
  • Variety of drain sizes: from lines as small as three-quarters of an inch to as big as four inches in diameter, a jetting service can remove blockages from them all.

We also offer snaking and auger services, allowing us to remove blockages from smaller lines or lines immediately connected to plumbing fixtures like sinks or shower drains. Likewise, every service is conducted with assistance from a plumbing inspection camera. These devices allow us to see what’s going on in your lines, figure out what the best course of action is, and then take it with confidence.

Put Down the Drain Cleaner Chemical!

Chemical drain cleaner products are not just ineffective at solving your problem—they’re also bad for your drain lines. These chemicals are extremely acidic or alkaline, making them prone to literally eating through the material that makes up your drain. That means while they might dissolve part of your clog to create a hole in your blockage, they also dissolve your drain itself, creating even more difficult and expensive damage to have to repair.

If you’ve got a clogged drain, contact Performance Plumbing, Inc. for drain cleaning services that get it moving again!

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